My Favorite Tobacco Fragrances

Nothing says fall like a great tobacco fragrance! Here is a list of my favorite fragrance that utilize the note of tobacco/give off a smokey-tobacco feeling. I’m not referring to ashy cigarette tobacco, rather rich pipe tobacco or tobacco leaves that smell dark, smokey and manly.
These are all from my collection and only the ones I have tried so far during my fragrance journey.
——————————-(unranked) Fragrances Mentioned:———————-
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (dense vanilla with smokey, damp tobacco)
Bvlgari Man in Black (rum, leather, spices & tobacco; wear with suit!)
Insurrection Wild (cheap Pure Havane alternative)
John Varvatos Dark Rebel (Harley, leather jacket, oud, rum & tobacco)
18.21 Man Made sweet tobacco(beastly strong, honey+tobacco bomb
Gucci Pour Homme ii (fresh tobacco, green tea & cinnamon)
Burberry London (Christmas tree, wet leaves, spices and tobacco)
Dolce & Gabbana The One edt (amber+tobacco with fruity/spicy intro)
1 million Privé (Cinnamon, myrrh & fruity hookah tobacco)
Dua an Evening w/ the Mobster (cognac, woody vanilla+spicy tobacco
Parfums de Marly Herod (vanilla+tobacco, spices & peach/cherry)
***************links to reviews************************
D&G the one review:
Due first impressions:
1 million prive first impressions:
18.21 Man Made impressions:
Favorite green scents:
Favorite Grapefruit scents:
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Favorite acquatic scents:
Favorite bergamot scents:
Favorite woodsy scents:
Favorite spicy scents:

Thanks for tuning in, make sure to let me know what your favorite tobacco fragrance is in the comments down below.
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Hey Canada says:

Great video !… the MANLIEST tobacco fragrance is CINNAMON…..the smell of Cinnamon is the manliest smell on a man ……!

Jeremy Terry says:

Dolce Gabbana pour homme vintage, amazing tobacco and citrus.

zahid saeed says:

bvalgri man in black and tmf tabacco vnill both r nice for cold weather

Schachi 75 says:

bylgari Man in Blick and Spicebomb extreme.

mike acord says:

Great list!!  I own most of the fragrances.  Tobacco is one of my favorite notes.  I received Herod today.  Want to put my nose on the Varvatos you mentioned.  Leather, oud, rum, tobacco–sounds perfect!!  Thanks for the video!!

Simod Thebod says:

Nice list mate. Have you tried Remy Latour Cigar? It’s a real good cheapie, with good performance.

Romeo Numberone says:

Try DUA The Mobster if you like Bulgari Man in black dude.

Razon Tobacco says:

Herrera for men 1991

ali usman says:

my fav frag Versace dreamer, Bvlgari man in black, D&G the one

highsocietyinfo says:

Before 35 years I smelled a fragrance which was smelling exactly sweet smoke lighted expensive cigar. Do you know the name of that perfume?

Marco F says:

You didn’t include Spicebomb extreme nor Pure Havane. Also there is Zara Rich Warm Addictive that is really nice.

Dohboy69 says:

Great video – try the house of By Kilian, two great ones are ‘Light my fire’ and ‘Back to black’ in that order.

Luciano Ruiz says:

Versace Dreamer: it’s refined, versatile and glamorous. The best fragrance I own, which are quite a lot. Another favourite, especially for summer: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme. Refined as hell, winter time: Diptyque Volutes. All tobacco-based fragrances.

Haroonsuhail Jilani says:

Dear tripleinc can you do review on Mercedes-Benz Le Perfum.

bongkoy mil says:

awesome tobacco list!

18.21 Man Made says:

Thank’s so much brother!!

Gene in PA Puskash says:

Not a fan of any tobacco frags Does that make me less of a man? I’m gay after all lol

Jo Co says:

liking the content! I only know Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. Beautiful but will take time to appreciate, for me. I’m not use to the scent.
By the way, I wanted to offer an idea. When you change video clips, you might to experiment with moving to different parts of the screen. i dont know if I explained it well enough haha.
Anyways, I always look forward to your content. Have a great day!

shehu gwadabe says:

what about ck one shock, versace dreamer, avant garde ?

Keith Montgomery says:

I love both of the Zara Tobacco Collection fragrances and they are incredibly well priced.

Lex Ellis says:

Excellent video. I want a bottle of Prive myself! subscribed

Chris says:

CREEDS Taborome

Joe Charriez says:

my favorite– btw new subscriber here & fragrance connoisseur. To answer your question as a nice tobacco fragrance that you didnt mention is something that will always remain in my collection is ‘The Dreamer”- Versace– Very awesome in my opinion.
Awesome video’s, I’ll keeping my eyes on your vids ha 🙂 cheers- San Diego

Kyle Stevens says:

Why wasn’t 1821 sweet tobacco higher on your list

Iceburg0032 says:

I layer burrberry london with Insurrection Wild it smells like a a clone of Parfums de marly Herod and I own Herod which is sooo smooth and nice!!

Richard Asero says:

Good video except Evening for Mobster recommendation. DUA clones are horrible especially an Evening with the Mobster. I have wasted my own money on these crappy oils. I’m just trying to warn potential buyers. Buy the real colognes not these oily clones.

Asa Marez says:

Where do you get your decants from bro?

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