My Fragrance Wardrobe | A Scent For Every Occasion (1/2)

Hi guys! Thought I would bring you something different today. I was inspired by Sebastian from Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews and thought I would bring you a capsule wardrobe made up of fragrances. Just a fun video for me to make!

There are 10 clothing essentials that I will be mentioning but I had to split the video into two because otherwise it would literally be an hour long. The second part is coming soon!! I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Sebastian –

Fragrances Mentioned:

Chanel No. 5 L’eau
Escentric molecule Escentric 01
Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme
Alaia Eau De Parfum Blanche
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense
Zara Accord No. 3 Woody

Edited & Shot by Me

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Jessica Belman says:

I need part 2 already!

The Scentinel says:

Nice choices.

Perfume Taurus girl says:

i enjoyed your video! thumbs up

Stacy B says:

Love this video concept. Agree with a lot of your choices.For the leather jacket- the TF pour femme and YSL Black Opium would be my choice. In fact sometimes I pair those together.

New subbie. I will have to give Alai brand a shot

ForeverFragrantKid says:

This was great Hanan! Fantastic choices for each piece! They make perfect sense. I’m with you on Chanel N°5 L’eau. It def has the N°5 DNA, but i also find this more effortless and wearable. I NEED to try that Alaïa! The notes got me like O.O

I’M the same with Molecule 01. Can’t really smell it. I can detect the vibe ISO E gives off in scents where is heavily used, but on its own not so much.

Girl I’m loving your vids! Keep up the great work! ♡


Love your channel girl!! from now on I will know what to watch when I wanna buy a new perfume 😉
your #newsubbie608 already, let’s support each other!

Kate Apted says:

Hmm. I need to retry all these. Give them a second chance. I am a die hard No 5 Parfum gal, so L’Eau is a bit of a breathe-deep-won’t-kill-me wear. *gulp*

Rdog785 says:

FYI – On a similar note, the cat that originated the concept of “fragrance starting lineup” was the reviewer Cutlass Supreme ( Brandon Thomas ), back in the day, girlfriend.

Smellyboii says:

Enjoyed the video! “LBD” , learning new stuff every day.
Died at black dress for funeral and clubbing!; I have a twisted sense of humour..
Eagerly anticipating part 2!

Arriane Serafico says:

How do you find the longevity of the L’eau especially in Singapore weather?

Marci LK says:

I love Alaia Blanche!!!

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Is Alaia anything like Tonka Imperial ?
A few of the some notes, tonka , almond , heliotrope .
Just wondering .
Very nice review.

MintyMouth says:

If you’re having difficulty smelling molecule 01 try buying some iso e super diluted in oil rather than alcohol. I got some from eBay using jojoba as a carrier oil for really cheap. It doesn’t interfere with the smell like alcohol does.

Hikari Jay says:

Just found you girl, new sub. 😀 I like this video, it’s quite different and creative. Can’t wait to watch more of your content. You deserve more subs!

Therese sends roses says:

Great video! I love your choices.

kaztazable says:

I have to agree with you. I also bought Molecule 01 because of the hype but really Ecsentric 01 is a million times more beautiful! I always get compliments with it. Loved the idea of this video as well.

Taffy J says:

Great idea! Love your choices too. The Alaïa Blanche is on my to-try list. Looking forward to Part II!

Fafima El Koua says:

You deserve more subs!!!!!!!!!

aaron luke says:

Awesome video. Cant wait for part 2.

Rdog785 says:

Groovy concept.

Jenny Ma says:

Hi!!! omg i’m so glad i found u! would u be able to do a perfume shopping in arab street? u know those shops that sells perfume oils? it would be cool to see how u would layer those perfume oils!

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