Nasomatto Baraonda | PERFECT Boozy Woody Frag! | REVIEW + Sample GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

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The Bopper says:

BA is still my fav to date…would love to try this one.

Catherine Fraser says:

Lemming this one

kamillimak1996 says:

Great video , it will be Pardon for sure ! 🙂

RyzFragz34 says:

Hearing great things about this one. Thanks for your take C!

Firas Ghassan says:

Thanks for your review Carlos my only fragrance from this house is black afgano which is so popular

rayxetc says:

Just discovered your channel. Love your interior décor!

Delvis Frias says:

Great video Carlos! Def going to buy this one probably this weekend, been looking to get a wearable Nasomatto that other ppl around me will enjoy also. Used to own Black Afgano but couldn’t seem to find the right time to wear it and I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing it.

Eric Dunthorne says:

Haven’t tried anything from Nasomatto but I’d like to try this sample. Thanks for the giveaway and everything you do for the fragrance community.

Kenneth Lanahan says:

I feel pardon is the best release and most wearable that I’ve tried.

edgar terrero says:

Never try it before so hopefully I win

stratos tsiakalos says:

Best For me Duro!.

Jo nah says:

Count me in Carlos!

natky2 says:

And now I wanna blindbuy it…

lacquer isma says:

You seem so sweet. love the bloopers

Peter Pálfi says:

Love your videos Carlos! Keep up the good work ^_^

sdnalyam says:

Does Nasomatto make any summer fragrances

Ben kelsey says:

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try anything by Nasomatto, but I’ve heard nothing but good things, especially about this fragrance. I think this will be top of my list to try from the house.

John Williams says:

Yeah, this is my favorite Nasomatto. Better than Pardon. Intoxicating

Landmantx says:

I have Pardon, BA and Blamage. I would love to sniff this one!

Jackson Winsett says:

Duro all day!!!

Justin Reily says:

Just curious, but why does everyone say Nasomatto doesn’t release notes when you can go to Fragrantica and see the notes for all of their fragrances?

Mian A says:

Nasomatto pardon, black afgano and duro I love them

paulatpluggin says:

For everyone who is interested in the perfumer of Nasomatto, here is a documentary about him working on Blamage for Nasomatto:

Adam Baskin says:

My favorite (and the only one I truely like) is hindu grass. For my its the best compositionally, and the most interesting to wear. The others I find either too harsh, boring, or just..not for me. I would love to try this. I sniffed this, this week in Barneys and really like it, but I couldn’t afford the bottle. Please Carlos help a guy out 🙂 haha Hope your new years is going well!

homeaway0 says:

Happy new year

Rego0912 says:

Happy New Year, sir! This one sounds like something I want to try. Pardon and Duro are the ones I enjoy.

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