Orto Parisi – Stercus (Masculine Woody)

Fragrance Review covering Stercus by the unusual indie niche brand Orto Parisi, the second house from the Nose of Nasomatto.
Inspired by the Latin word for…. well, you know.
Doesn’t smell bad, just not that exciting, and pretty over priced.
Cool bottle shape though.

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Kevin Alner - Original Music says:

Thanks again Peter. Great review, Always interesting.
Incidentally I went to the Esxence Niche trade exposition in Milano earlier in the year and I came across the Affinessence brand. Their Ambegris Musk and the Patchouli Oud in their Base Notes range seem to be beautifully composed. I wondered if you had heard of them?

A Scented Soul says:

This scent is amazing. But unfortunately it actually does smell like feces on different people. On my skin it’s a sweet, mellow tobacco. Dry warm and assertive! Thanks for the review

Chris McClellan says:

Great review.

Piki1809 says:

One of the best and most interesting reviewers on youtube

Nessie B says:

Um… this type of item clearly has a very specific target market, to say the least. I am not in this target market. I just can’t fathom spending this kind of money in perfume from a house whose leitmotiv is some artsy-fartsy (never more fitting, in this case) rendition of bodily smells / waste.

Also, great vid finale! A complete opposite of the concept of this product, which I appreciate.

BurgundyandBlue1111 says:

I am glad that you are keeping it real with your reviews Peter. Don’t sugar coat anything to appease an unhappy minority. I respect you more for giving your honest opinion. You do a good job of explaining why you don’t like a fragrance. The things that you dislike may not bother another person (sometimes it is even a selling point).

For example, when you said although you like Oud Satin Mood it smells a bit feminine to you so you don’t wear it often, it made me (a woman) want to try it more.

Great playing once again. Thanks for adding that in at the end.

None says:

Very interesting review Peter. I have always been aware of this brand and the concept of drawing inspiration from the smell of various aspects of the human body is something novel and interesting. However, from whatever I’m hearing this brand seems of have nothing going for it. No wonder, the creator being the same Alessandro Gaultieri of black afgano, pardon and duro, all of which to my nose were rather boring and pedestrian.
Interestingly, some of the more musky animalic fragrances like Musc Kublai Khan, and Peau De Bete (which has scatol listed as an ingredient), to my nose are incredibly sexy, sophisticated and truly desirable.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

I haven’t tried anything from this line yet. Is not drawing me in either. Lol.

I love when you play some Opeth!♡♡♡ Did Steven recommend it? THE MAN HAS GREAT TASTE IN MUSIC AND SCENTS. LOL.

Taffy J says:

Quite expensive for…well, you know. Love your honesty and sharing of your knowledge. Really enjoyed the music!

Sjaak De Vries says:

There’s a documentary about Alessandro Gualtieri and that will answer all your questions Peter. The guy is eccentric and crazy, sniffs roadkill in Pakistan, loves camel poop. He even said every fragrance should have a little poop smell. I’ll be surprised if he uses synthetic sandalwood, he really dislikes bad ingredients.

George Tsarnas says:

off topic: Because of your experience do you know any legit website that sells niche fragrances that you can PAY ON DELIVERY? Because I am afraid to use my bank account on websites.

joeribt says:

That was nice! Thank you.

Free Spirit says:

I have no interest in this fragrance. So at the end when I’m about to click away, I almost missed the best part. It was really nice. Totally enjoyed it.

Mrs Press says:

Real is the only way to be!

Steven Sproat says:

Came for the Ending Credits 🙂

Tom Schroeder says:

Helpful review to try and make sense of Stercus. I recently sampled Zoologist Hyrax, and would have expected something named Stercus to smell like Hyraceum, also called African Stone, which honestly earns the name. If Stercus was released as a play on words for a truly crappy fragrance, I would be disappointed in Orto Parisi.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I thought stercus meant scrotum . No kidding , BUTTTTTT
(noun declension: 3rd declension gender: masculine
*Definitions: filth, manure* ) _So no shit Peter, you weren’t kidding_
GFD , I just split my dinner all over the carpet.
I sampled a few from this line . Bergamask was the one I sampled the most.
You can pick it up here in the US/States for $127 . Myself, I still have the samples so I won’t be ordering it.
Everyone seems to love Bergamask. When I sampled it , people said they could smell me from a distance.
I did ask a few people what they thought and _POLITELY SAID_ ,
” Oh that’s nice , what was the other one you were wearing the other day/last week . I like that one better ” .
That was the general conciseness of it . _What else do you have Senoir_ .
For me Bergamask was somewhat harsh and stale .
I haven’t sampled it for a couple years.
The other ones I’ve sampled are Brutus , I think that’s the one that was way to much, Bocconera , Seminalis .
Jesus , I don’t even want to remember the color Seminalis now . Maybe it means stinky sweet spit .
Anyways , there was one of those I mentioned that was just way to much.
I think I liked Bergamask the most , but I really don’t remember.
I thought this house was related to Nasomatto ?
I have a couple from them. I didn’t pay full retail though.
Oh, if anyone in the US wants a bottle of Beramask, here’s the link for $127 .
Cool review.
Let’s do so more from the whacky ones .

tovli rami says:

Thank you.The comparison to the both daring of gucci …….makes it sound interesting

daniel zychniewicz says:

have you tried creed viking yet? also curious if youve tried any hermes aswell.

Adam Leon says:

wtf is this promo lmao that hole

Ann Becouarn says:

Really enjoy your videos Peter.

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