Pineapple Vintage INTENSE Fragrance Review

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This is my review of the new Intense version of Pineapple Vintage, a fragrance in a line that many compare to Creed Aventus.

Pineapple Vintage Intense is almost the same as the original Pineapple Vintage but with added ISO E Super to attain better performance.

The opening is bright and citrusy with a slightly fruity Pineapple accord. As the fragrance dries down it starts becoming a really nice, pineapple/apple/floral rich woody scent.

A touch of smokiness joins the citrus / woody accord drying down to a smooth woody, musky base.

Overall I think this is a really great fragrance considering that this smells very close to Pineapple Vintage Noir and that is currently my most complimented fragrance that I own.

I just want to thank Parfums Vintage for sending me this to review. I really appreciate it since it’s truly a great fragrance.

I have not been paid to promote this fragrance, this is my honest opinion, I will NEVER lie in my reviews.


Mike Sousa says:

Miss your videos man. This was great to watch. Cheers!

Travis L says:

I bought three bottles of club de nuit because of you!

coolslc says:

Just got my Intense in the mail, the juice had debris in it, even a small piece of paper… Parfums Vintage quality control must blow ass… or they don’t filter their juice

Rich Ze Best says:

miss your you

OGAesthetics says:

u need to post more dude i love ur channel! so so SO SO good

marcosmimoso says:

hey killa we were expecting more ch men africa vídeos XD

bsinatra145 says:

were you saying the noir or intense has gotten you the most compliments?

Arjun Rudra says:

love the track at the end

Andre Szymanski says:

So Noir vs Intense? Who’s the winner?

Robert Jelly says:


Rashpal Cheema says:

Glad you’re back! I think I’ll stick to my samples for the moment though and wait for noir intense. I used a previous discount code and bought 3 lots of the two original samples, which even including delivery (UK) worked out to a decent price – as the discount was multiplied by 3. Unfortunately, according to Gents Scents that’s been stopped (probably due to people like me :p) but maybe that’s only if you use his discount code (which is also $5)!

Dose Mulero says:

Killa where you been at, this one is the get back, great review

theandroids says:

that price though.

Onurdegifitness says:

How is it compared with Club de nuit intense man? By the way I ordered 4 new bottles but sadly the design has changed on the CDNI. Also i find the performance is not strong as before. Any thoughts on this?

RealJoshTv says:


Alfre P. says:

Great review

Julius tims says:

Man they give away so many bottles haha

Sjaak De Vries says:

$20 shipping to Europe for 3 tiny samples. These folks really want to lure new customers.
Feels more like a pineapple up the bum.

King Metta says:

did you split noir or did you actually go through that much juice? lol

Bre Positive says:

Been wearing the Noir for the past 2 days. Great scent that last at least 10 hours on my skin!!

Danillon Pujadas says:

great as usual brother

M Shlock says:

I love the Vintage Pineapple originals. I can’t imagine anything better, but now this… Ordered a bottle already. And… I think I found an Auntie Lisa video I missed. Could I be so lucky!? ; )

Kian Sox666cat says:

fab job babes!! love auntie lisaxxxx❤

OGAesthetics says:

but 90 dollars fuck man that is expensive and shipping aswell

Tomas Av. says:

Dont worth the money. Better get Trussardi My Land or CH MEN 🙂

silentsoulju says:

So happy to see you back! Thanks for letting us know which of the two is better. By the way great music at the end 🙂

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