Rasasi Hawas | Sexiest budget fragrance of 2016 | Make an impression

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adnan Ali says:

I love it too jus got sample of that one will buy full bottle it’s good stuff

Shoukath Ali says:

yesterday i bought hawas!! entebhaa cost 95 aed may be less than 25 usd

Splash Fragrance India says:

Hawas for me is one of the craziest releases by the house of Rasasi. This is like you get what you pay for. The concoction is worth to try in my opinion.. Extremely well done fragrance with a decent price tag.. Loads of love for this fragrance

John Sabbagh says:

Where can I buy samples for Rasasi? I have entebaa but I smelled it in person. I want to buy samples of all Rasasi.

Dhaval Travel vlog says:

Hey kindly also try rasasi tagreed it’s superb

lalala lalala says:

would you suggest dior sauvage or rasasi hawas for spring/summer time
for a 20 year old

FlexYoFace Chase says:

Nikhil, you need to get your nose on Shuhrah, I love them both, but I find myself wearing Shuhrah all the time now. The tomato leaf, rose, and incense combination are mind blowing in Shuhrah pour homme, and it’s beast mode.

Naeem Shaikh says:

Excellent review!

Abdullah Cooper says:

So knowing full well this is not your favorite genre or types of scents, would you still give this one high marks for the more mainstream type of freshies? How does it perform? Which would better serve me, this (Hawas) or Invictus Aqua?

eric anthony says:

A great scent I got a compliment on this one yesterday! Nice review.

Pedro Luis Fernandez says:

What is better quality, hawas or al haramain laventure?

samad khan says:

Excellent review Nikhil. Subscribed!!

Lavy Khurana says:

hawas? kinky

Fahed Ayub says:

The dry down of Hawas is close to the opening of Allure Homme Sport, And in a very harsh way, The Musky smell of AHS is totally missing, Not worth the price.

pierre lord says:

hello my friend..got Hawas 2 days ago .This is the deal of the century .Exceptional longevity and sillage .Bought for $65 Canadian .Will become a favorite of mine .Thank you for making me discover this gem and others as you know

Dhaval Travel vlog says:

Also try the silver bottle
What are the notes in tagreed gold do you get ?

Luis Campos says:

I purchase this great Fragance last week ( Hawas ) and to my nose this smells like Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua , I was upset because I own both of them , so now I have two colognes in my collection that smell the same but in my opinion Hawas has a cinammon note that Invictus Aqua doesn’t have….. I think this house is making great stuff at reasonable prices !!!!

John Sabbagh says:

Hey nice videos! Is beauty spin a reliable website?

John Michael says:

excellent review

Hamid Dhais says:

Hi Nikhil, have you tried rasasi toujours coral or blue sapphire , they seem to be highly reviewed on some websites, what do you think?

Toronto_NDN says:

Hey Nikhil from Canada here. I see you reply to most messages. Now, I cant afford real oud but have smelled it in the past. Im more of a fan now of oud colognes or attars lets say. I tried Armani prive oud the other day it was good. Also getting the Zegna Oud cologne which im hoping for a review on or the Amberette. What top 5 best smelling colognes or middle eastern that are closest to real oud? hoping for a reply. I just started following you due to your honest reviews.

Kartik Czaar Sharma says:

Give me a review for rasasi royal blue what do u think about that edp

Batphink Phil says:

Wow the detailed breakdown of all the fruity notes made me feel hungry for fruit LOL.This sounds fantastic,fresh and modern,must see if I can find it here in Canada…..cheers again Nikkhil !

Ari M. says:

Excellent review brother! By the way, what is the name brand of the polo shirt you have on?

jOr2187 says:

the top is kinda ahs but the whole thing smells like a mix between Invictus and Nautica Voyage… trust my nostrils brother lol.

Shoukath Ali says:

it cost only 42 usd for 100ml in rasasi outlet

J Dane says:

Buddy I could not understand that website if you could be so kind as to send me that website I would really appreciate it thank you so very much love your channel buddy keep it going

adnan Ali says:

Thank you for ur wonderful reviews I bought few Abdul sarmad range aswel

julio soper says:

Thank you = Much respect

adnan Ali says:

Nikhil u have unwrapped middle eastern perfumes and oil thanks for that I could get my hands on and bought few oils from Asaq

adnan Ali says:

Hey Nikhil jus been to Birmingham to buy this juice it’s nice ending up buying Attar al boruzz

Tej Machhar says:

There are no 30 ml decant available in Kuwait at Rasasi showroom. it’s no where in Kuwait. please guide me where the decants are available.

Piyush Sharma says:

is it just me or do you look somewhat like MS dhoni haha

Eneyvan Bermudez Bermudez says:

I love this fragrance …. I got my first bottle immediatly I saw your review las week and I fell in love with it , it’ s really impresive , a real gem for me , one of my choices for this spring and summer
thanks for this excelent review …
I’ m waiting for your review of the top list of designer frags for summer ….

Basal Haddad says:

man it is paco rabanne invictus clone

theyoozernaim says:

I am not able to find this in the “budget” price range.


bleu de Chanel any substitute is der for this fragrance bro

Sainy Scents says:

would you recommend this as a blind buy? i cant find samples. is the longevity good on it?

Orvin Sillé says:

Very good review Nikhil. I think I will order a decant to try it.

Abhishek Subbaiah says:

I’m going to assume that someone who doesn’t particularly like AHS Eau Extreme won’t like Hawas.. it’s depressing that Chanel might have ruined this for me..

Ethereal Phenotype says:

bottle and juice reminds me of Versace por homme does it smell like it?

Rizky Ananta says:

wow..Indonesia is my country.

Mohammad Rizvi says:

please do not promote perfumery. co.in . I’d placed an order a month ago and they’ve taken the payment but have not delivered this perfume. I’m glad I didn’t purchase Creed Aventus from them as I’d planned initially. They’re not reliable or trustworthy. They have not replied to my email and lied to me on the phone that the product will be delivered “soon”.

adnan Ali says:

Thanks for ur beautiful reviews love it

Fawad pc1 says:

HAWAS smells very good, buy one from Rassasi Outlet, resemble to Alure Home Sport. Performance to me is not a beast mode, A fresh type of perfume that will not make any one bore, worth the price. A BLIND BUY PERFUME.

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