Rasasi Woody | Best “Value for Money” Perfume

Rasasi has another brilliant value for money fragrance up its sleeve. Worthy of riding the hype train…a vetiver based gem for warm climates !

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Salete Cembrani says:

Great informations!

Sjaak De Vries says:

Wild on wood, sounds like an 80’s porn movie on VHS.

Exotic Scents with Nikhil says:

Video is NOT sponsored by Kinemaster LOL. That “Watermark” shows when your license EXPIRES ! Sorry for that folks!

Max Nova says:

I love this fragrance! to me it’s quite similar to Super Ceder by Byredo: Vetiver, Cedar and Iso E super on testosterone! Well done mate

Tom G. says:

I’m glad we know you used Kine Master for your video. I hope those stains on your shirt are perfume oil sprays! That’d be baller.

Mr. Nitish Dixit says:

Quality of oil in this is amazinnn

Adnan Rano says:

Hey Nikhil. i love your channel and i have to say you are the most honest fragrance enthusiast i have had the pleasure to discover. Added with the fact that you present the most unique set of oils,perfumes etc. It still baffles me, as to how you have such a small number of subscribers and i believe you should have the highest number on Youtube. Hands down. But i’m absolutely positive it is just a matter of time before you get recognition you’ve always deserved very soon. I haven’t seen anyone that has put this much love, dedication and hardwork towards fragrances as you. You have always tried to provide your viewers with the best, unique and amazing fragrances one can ever experience or lay their hand on. Just keep up the fantastic job,i promise something great is coming your way. And i would like to ask, if you know any online stores that sell authentic argawood (cambodian, indian etc….) for burning incense and also that ship worldwide. Thank You

kkoun says:

Love your intro!

Ahmed Raza says:

nikhil good pc. paishgi jashne azadi mubarak. 🙂

Whoak Honga says:

Was waiting for your thoughts on this. Thanks for the review on this juice! I really appreciate it as I couldn’t really find a full review for this particular cologne. Greatly appreciate it!

Nicola Dsouza says:

Rasasi does have some decent fragrances that are very economical..

Krishna Mullapudi says:

waa that magic

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Not a bad house, not a bad house at,
specially for the price.
I am interested in Hawas.

Chris says:

I have this one It’s well put together but has a a really strong Harsh earthy vetiver oud that wasn’t for me. Great review though. Chris

evilprada101 says:

Oh u magician 😛

Mohamed Younis says:

It was TOO harsh for me.. TOO masculin .. I wish they have a “sport” version of it

Chris says:

Yazan Brother That one is a A+ You have to review it and Ashaar Pour Homme

Steven Sproat says:

Looking good Bro!! Funny I was reading about this yesterday because I was sent a sample of Yazen. P.s what is it about the zegna vetiver scent? I have a sample of it and quite like it 🙂

Aditya Nisal says:

What do you think about Armaf blue homme.. Wht about the longevity of it

Rahul Bhattacharya says:

Aye Aye Captain !!!

irfan khan says:

Nice look sir… something different

شاہ سرفراز خان says:

Great dear, i love ur reviews.

Smells Good says:

Interesting to see your take on this Nikhil, and I guess in hotter countries you will get Vetiver pronounced in this fragrance. I did a review on this a while back as well and I get cedar pronounced with vetiver playing a supporting role in the dry down. Amazing how climatic conditions play a role in a fragrance’s development. Great video as always and enjoyed it.

Yogesh Shah says:

this is linear

Iplay Clarinet says:

Nice presentation! I think I will try this, it seem like another quality perfume from Rasasi. I already bought Faquat Lil Rijal from the same house, and I like it very very much. By the way, can you recommend few oriental / middle-eastern heavy, animalic, (skanky) OUD fragrances? Let’s say, measured on a “skankyness” scale from 1 to 10. Could be attar or perfume. Thanks!

Sammi Sam says:

Bro can you suggest a fragrance that smells like an Indian temple, like something sweet, spicy with incense or oud. I have been searching for something like this for a long long time.

Satyajeet Dharmadhikari says:

I bought it couple of weeks ago. It’s like encre noire sport. 99% similar to my nose

Shoeb Khan says:

I want to buy Hawas any links for india.

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