Rasasi Woody – The King of Vetiver, Yes indeed !! / Perfume Reviews

I never tested La Yuqawam, but after buying this juice i am convinced that Rasasi is a quality niche house. Check out woody by Rasasi.

I bought this product from a website which delivers only in india.

Please find the best price available in the market and other website of your choice. This associated website is only to guarantee that this is a genuine product. – babbs



Allison Schinagle says:

Is this the same as Rasasi Wow Woody?

Saeed Mohamed says:

Asad Nisar where in saudia arabia

Abishey Dean says:

Babbes this smells exactly like. Encre Noire.

Xtreme_CEO says:

just tried to order fro India said it wont be here to 2nd week Apr is that right Babs?

Sarfraz Usman says:

Encre Noire is more sexy. cats and cougar both like it. I use the same gun for both of them 😉

Mohamed Younis says:

the ENERGY & PASSION in your speach!!!


mcdonnell89 says:

This is your personal reviewer Babbs agaiiiiinnn…..and wanna am I back with this tiiime !!! Hahaha…. Love the signature intro bro. Awesome discovery and video as usual. Cheers !!

epic nation says:

babbs, you are my guru, you are my sifu….

sdnalyam says:

I’m in Europe and can’t find this. Any chance you can bring the 100ml edp with you and ship it to me, Thanks as I was going to buy the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Please keep going with these videos as many of us like to smell good but can’t afford the expensive brands.

Azara Musa Azores says:

Please y’all should stop saying all these perfumes from Arabian perfume makers or Eastern are clones of western perfumes. It is unfair to them coz these perfumes are made for a different market and we can not really tell if it’s them that’s being copied. Each of them are gems of their own, they might be similar but not necessarily a clone. We all know Oud has been part of east perfumery for ages and the west now use it, why didn’t we say theirs are clones?

epic nation says:

babbs, I got my rasasi woody today. its indeed vetiver King but I don’t think it’s exactly like encre noir. rasasi is heavy on vetiver while woody notes (Cyprus) in encre noir is prominent. what do you think sifu.

Chris says:

Dude you are theeee best reviewer ever !!! Keep it up….


mohammed enam says:

I’m starting to like your videos babbs, you’re funny ill tell you that…

Faizan Kazi says:

bro please review about majestic perfumes (u.a.e) i really liked it when i tried it

Guddu Khan says:

Babbs…. Mujhe attar & perfume bahut pasand h… Mai hamesha mrkt se purchase karta hun rasasi, Swiss arabian, armaf & ajmal……. Mujhe Kaise pata lagega k mai jo le raha hun wo original h, (ajmal k to show room se leta hun isliye koi parishani nahi) baqi companies mai dar h k woh duplicate to nahi…. Q K kal maine rasasi k woody leya os mai shak lag raha hai so please advice me

Saeed Mohamed says:

whould you please whrite douwn the link where buy from and thanks man

Asad Nisar says:

It’s a lovely perfume and it’s so cheap here in saudi arabia. If any one of you want it so I can get it for you. No warrires at all!!!

Jim R says:

Another excellent review. This one sounds right-up my scent alley since I’m a huge vetiver fan. I just wish these fragrance weren’t so difficult to find here in the West. I’ll place it on my to-do-list of fragrances to find later this year.

Nathaniel Philip says:

Baaps I’m still waiting for your clone comparison of By Kilian straight to heaven

MrOz says:

Great take on this Babbs! I did first impressions on this a week ago and am glad see your expert review on this!! I mostly get cedar and vetiver…like you said a more wearable and sophisticated vetiver compared to encre noir and others!

Haroonsuhail Jilani says:

babbs can you do review on woody by Arabian oudh?

Ashengard says:

Good stuff, i own Tasmeem and have. sample of La Yaqawam (or sumthin), both are high quality juices. Check Tasmeem, a very unusual scent, heard people saying it smells like…… “Arabia”

Patrick Dunster says:

@babbs collection….nice video, thanks for the honest review.Kindly let your viewers know that we make this product not only in Eau du Parfume, but also in a body deodorant spray and concentrated oil. If they want the product, they can contact me and I can see if it is sold in their area.I apologize for the product not being on the current website; we are currently working on the website upgrades, as well as some new social media sites. Again, some of this was brought about by your comments and the work you do here…we greatly appreciate you buying our products and reviewing them here.I am however still awaiting your email about some customer queries.Good day and regards,Patrick Dunster

evilprada101 says:

Hi Babs I love Grey Vitiver by TF I was thinking about buying the EDP of Grey vetiver would this be a replacement for that.. Thanks

ferdi cesuray ferit rodoplu says:

my favourite vetiver but does not stay and sillage is worst.

jOr2187 says:

hey babbs i emailed you yesterday please check ur inbox when u have time 🙂 thx again

Chetan Modi says:

I was thinking to buy mugler colonge but after seen your review I changed my mind and I bought rasasi woody @ 1199.

unknown science kash says:

hello babbs thanks for uploading your video. my doubt is does flipcart send items E.U? or its just for india

Sonny Etienne says:

Babbs email me at Yearof76@yahoo.com. I wanted to request some fragrances


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