Top 10 Best Winter Fragrances / Colognes for 2017 (Designer)!

These are the top 10 / ten best colognes / fragrances for the winter of 2017! Thank you for watching!

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Flav says:

finally L’homme ideal getting love, prefer the EDP over EDT

Fahim Sarwar says:

Hi, I really enjoy your vids. I don’t get all the great perfumes in local stores. Can you suggest any online shopping sites from where I can buy original stuffs ?

Sulaimon Raji says:

Redolessence can you please recommend some casual winter cologne that is inexpensive and gets great compliments

Rob Lazar says:

I think i need to stop buying fragrance!! # i had all in u list lol

Vinoo Jacob says:

Subscribed!!!!!I agree with your No.1 , I have been wearing L’homme Ideal in winter for couple of years now . Its very sensual , an Almond bomb with a vanilla fuse.. underrated gem… Great List!.

biobele william-west says:

Man it’s been awhile…DG 1

Nechadi Aziz says:

Valentino uomo intense is the best

Ivan Dobrichkov says:

TF Noir smells like old lady, not masculine at all, but like a rose incense we have in bulgaria . I imagine some old money lady in a pantsuit driving a Lexus

Amir Pi says:

Thx ,Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays!cheers mate

Monkeys says:

As long as you have a Guerlain as your number 1, you’ll have my love and respect hahahaha 😛 If a Tom Ford would have been higher on the list it would have been perfect but still, there is one there!

Glad to see you finally got to try the EDP version of Homme Idéal with its syrupy amazing cherry vibe from its great tonka bean note.

Marco F says:

Hi! Nice video like always!! I would like to ask you where would you put Spicebomb extreme eau de parfum? And if you would want to do a review I would be very grateful. Thanks!!

hickorydickoryduck says:

Nobody’s reviewing Bvlgari’s Oriental

Mazhar Khan says:

which one good between these to tascan leather tom ford and Rasasi la yuqawam pour

Serg S says:

Bring in the Winter season, we are ready!!

Mazhar Khan says:

thinks sir

Jeremy Maksuta says:

Why is that your favorite paco r it’s smells like one million with Antonio Banderas I have that bottle still smell them side to side same thing

Charles Dongon says:

I live in a tropical country where there’s no winter. Is it okay to wear any of these perfumes?

Wolcap says:

L`Homme Ideal is one of the best Parfums created, is my favorite!! the EDP edition is great too

Carl says:

Awesome list, a lot of those are on my wish list.  I might have to try CH Prive.

Cory Drummond says:

This is my first time coming to your channel and I like it. I myself really am a fan of Vince Camuto in the black bottle, but am always on the lookout for new scents worth trying. I like Creed scents but they are too expensive for my budget. I may have to see what Armaf Club Nuit smells like on me.

Ruben Robelo says:

Nice list, love seeing Man in Black on it.


Armaf gave everyone allergic reactions, Pure Malt… don’t buy it unless it’s the 2009 batch. But nowadays it’s hard to find. VUI over DHI

Noah Anderson says:

so overall a dark kinda sweet tabacco masucline scent is good for the colder months?

Moon Collector says:

really helpful list. i got some ideas on what to give as xmas gift to my brother. thanks for posting another great vid!

Kate Riley says:

Hi steven, please review Rasasi Leo Pour Lui, my best winter frag, I hate Jubilation but Leo is a masterpiece.

N.P.P.C says:

Hey Steven, have you ever tested GPH? Any toughts about it? 🙂

voidz says:

Hey man, your time stamps are a little off in the description. Great video though 🙂

Mark Ayres says:

I enjoy the intro. Good video.

jembertrules says:

Great list

omar olivera venegas says:

L homme ideal edt or edp

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