Top 10 Most Creative Smelling Fragrances

Best Fragrances Unisex that smell Different
#10 1:07
#9 2:07
#8 3:01 Enchanted Forest – Vagabond Prince
#7 4:31 Ineke – Idyllwild
#6 5:31
#5 6:29
#4 7:51
#3 8:42
#2 10:25
#1 12:12

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Daniel Fregoso says:

This is your escense jeremy!… I prefer this…

the riddler says:

6:00 sounds like my gf

Cara Babyboomer says:

Kelly and Jones did a wine collection perfume series, I’m curious how those are.

Pierre Maxwell says:

This style was very pleasant.

Kate Fisher says:

I have tea rose! It’s great!

Casta Nea says:

Less cuts, more relaxed flow… Yes, please and thanks.

Cesar Santana says:

Do you speak spanish too jeremy ?

Marc Derk says:

Everyone wants a natural fragrence that smells like blood sperm and saliva

knowyourconjurer says:

Really dig the “one take”. Please keep it up!

bodybalancer says:

You should do a top 5 “weirdest/grossest” scents ever because that “secretions” scent sounds disgusting! Why on earth would they make or market it like that?! Gross!

Remilekun Mayer says:

Dear Jeremy when is yours coming out ,cant wait to buy it. More grease to your elbow. Keep fit and stay on Top

Qve Paso says:

Hey I love your videos, I’m looking for a new cologne, I’m currently using Azzaro Wanted and Play Intense Eau de Toilette and I love thoes types of smells very much. Also I have had Black xs Paco Rabanne. I am looking for something with a similar smell to all three, could you please help me out. Thank you.

masha A says:

Definitely Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta. It is one of the most rememberable fragrances for me!

Judy Harrisson says:

Now I need to try Enchanted Forest and dust off my World of Warcraft account lol. Just subscribed, love your videos!

tshidiso tc says:

Love it

Franz Hanz says:

Du bist so authentisch. Mag deinen video stil

fayyazb says:

Hey Jeremy, Why don’t you do review of Celebrity Fragrances? Fragrances with Celebrity names like David Beckham, Antonio Banderas etc. Thank you! PEACE!

Celina M. says:

Love the unedited style, and even my husband made a comment about it that it shows how genuine you are.
Keep this style!

Like Like says:

Tea rose is my mom’s favourite.. really smells like roses and tea

Ramyrror 47 says:

Du siehst aus, als würde Dich etwas bedrücken :/ Du musst keine Videos machen, wenn Du nicht möchtest..

Dennoch freue ich mich sehr aufs Video 🙂

Sanjay Shah says:

Loved this video. Sounds much better without music. BTW India is already much advanced. How about writing names of each fragrances.

bodybalancer says:

Enchanted forest & the next one sounded the most interesting to me – as long as it’s not too long I like the one cut style it’s cool. Clean.

Akash Rahaman says:

Love from India ❤️
We love your videos and fragrance recommendations

love rohaan says:

Thanks you , i got knowlage from your channel

Nilly I says:

Haha never would have picked you for an old WOWer :D. For the Horde…cause I hope you were playing Horde…right? 🙂

Norma Estrada says:

Hola Jeremy, Soy de Mexico, quisiera hablaras de las fragancias de Tory Burch

Kevin Poe says:

Shadow priest, for the horde!

Nouaraa a says:

Hi Jeremy! Its a long time for me since i watched your video’s (due time). I really enjoyed them, but i have to say that i like this kinda style!
Keep up the good work and i wish you the best!

Alex S says:

Absolutely love osmanthus but it’s still pretty rare…Interesting suggestions, but I find most of the time it really isn’t the fragrance itself that is creative, rather its interplay between its notes and the person wearing it. My latest dicovery is Florentine Iris by Zegna – it’s a showstopper! Suits me so well (and I’m not even male!). I was curious what’s your process/take on picking a fragrance that suits a given person – new video perhaps? x

Isabelle Taillon says:

I love the one take approach!

Jacob Fitz says:

The first time I watched one of your videos I was blown. You made ever cologne seem appealing. Since you liked la nuit de l’ homme so much I was thinking in buying it, but I couldn’t find it in any store in my city. So I ended up buying ch men and it blew me away. I thought if this smells good la nuit must be amazing. You made it sound almost godly. I ordered one.

I have to say my expectations were pretty high. I was so eagered to get it in my hands and shoot that baby up my nostrils like Al Pacino.

As soon as it arrived I opened it.
Never in my life have I been so disapointed in what I consider a highly over rated cologne. Maybe it’s because im 22 and it smells more mature. Maybe its the fact it smells all powdery. But not having learned my leason I went and bough ch prive. It too smells a bit similar.

If any one knows any scents that are like the opening notes of tribute by mk please let me know. I very much enjoy such aroma.

Hamza Ramadani says:

Wo kann ich den vagabon price dift kaufen

Mylinh Nguyen says:

Can’t wait for your fragrance to be released Jeremy!

For the Tea Rose, do you recommend the EDT or EDP version?

Carlos Andrade says:

Porque pones solo el titulo en español?
Deberias hacer reseñas tambien hablando español.

Ramyrror 47 says:

Ich liebe ‘By the Fireplace’ , was sagst Du dazu?

Gaby Pérez says:

I have to try enchantes forest if i want to smell like a elf <3

Cara Babyboomer says:

I got the Chocolate Greedy and it’s amazing. I just can’t get enough of it. Next I will try Orange Sanguine and then TeaRose. I wish you did more reviews on Summer picks, light blue just doesn’t work well on me. Enjoy your videos and picks.

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