Top 12 Best Woody Fragrance Suggestions with Simply Put Scents + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

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Andrew Giacco says:

Ok, I’ve never heard of Dehab but I keep seeing the bottle around Instagram. I appreciate the introduction to it! The bottle is SO similar to Black Afghano.

Sanjay Shah says:

Nice video. Carlo what happened to your taste. Gucci Guilty Absolute is amazing fragrance.

JohnSmith says:


Michael Richmond says:

I like the idea of By The Fireplace, a toasty marshmallow smell seems awesome. I love your collaborative videos, keep up the good work!

Megan K says:

Honestly, I really love the intro theme

Vahagn D. says:

I really enjoyed your discussion and description. It was very fun and interesting. From this list I like more Hermes, Oud Wood.
Thanks, guys for this video.

Scott Lipman says:

Another great video!!! Some wonderful scents.Enjoyed watching both of you together rank these wonderful scents. Great chemistry together!!!

senbonzakura26 says:

Gotta start whispering all my favourite scents now

KILO #1 says:

I’m I the only who sings BFL intro song through out the day

edreamsincolor says:

How fun!

anonymousprofess says:

I loved this video because you both know your scents :SimplyPutScents” and I love woody scents like sandalwood. Outstanding video guys. One love and many blessings!

I do random stuff says:

His choices are great.

Andrew7244 says:

Love both reviewers, and Steven as well (Redolessence)

ddpanda says:

Great top 12 but my all time favorite is #11 By The Fireplace!! I’d love to win a decant of it!

A Sally says:

Nice list guys. I’m so glad Kalemat black gets slept on in the fragrance community. It’s difinitly a winner. I believe the regular Kalemat resembles 24 gold, More than Kalemat black E.

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

*The winner of this GIVEAWAY chosen by **** is ddpanda . Please send an email to bflwinner@**** with your shipping information. You will be sent a code which you must come and comment here from your YouTube winning account. Congrats, and thanks for being a BFL subscriber! Please note, you will have ONE week to claim your prize*

RockSClone says:

Great review guys. I’m 99% sure I’m pulling the trigger on Al Kalemat. Now I’ve added a few others to seek down the line. Put me on the list for the giveaway. Thanks guys!

C Sanders says:

I kinda wish Bvlgari Wood Essence made this list. That one blew my mind when I smelled it at Macy’s the other day.

M&M M says:

So many new frags to try. I love your video Carlos. So interesting!

ardeovapsg says:

not short but sweet….love your colab…

Gregg Perales says:

Great video to the both of you. My personal favorite “Woody Fragrance” is Precious Woods by April Aromatics. I’d love to hear your opinion on it, such a soothing fragrance.

Soothsayer says:

Loooooove Oud Wood! I just can’t pull the trigger because of the longevity. I might find a clone with better longevity lol.

SAW9 says:

Loved this collab! I want to try #2 real bad

louyht7 says:

Not a big fan of woody frag. I think it fit for people who is 50 years old and up

andrew wiencken says:


Dan D says:

Fun banter on this video. Unfamiliar with most on this list, great info.

John Wen says:

Valentino Donna Noir Absolu review ?
so want to heard u and steven’s pro take on it
pls pls pls

miso sarah says:

I love this video. I own two of the fragrances on your list, but wish I had all twelve!

Jeff Burton says:

Good video

Keith Bertrand says:

Great list guys. some mysteries for my. thank you for getting together and doing it!!

Eric Diedrichson says:

Love woody scents. The rear earthy vibe cuts to my core

John Wen says:

molecule 01, any great experience with any frag layer suggest ?
Nasamotto pardon , Baraonda ? rate 1-5 pls
Tks C + E

Eric Dunthorne says:

For some reason I want to try #2 more than #1. My SOTD is Tam Dao and out of the woody fragrances I own it’s my #1.

Justin Allison says:

Nice, haven’t heard of Min but thanks to you guys I can now go check it out!

Michael McDonald says:

I’ve found that Gucci Guilty Absolute goes very well with Gucci streetwear. So pretty limited use if you don’t have the bank for that lol

Mary McCullough says:

Great line up…I own 2 on your list! Scandalwood & By the Fireplace! ♡◇♡

yoowutzgoinoon says:

Hello! I liked the intro to Min New York. I haven’t heard about them before.

Andy T says:

Gucci Pour Homme 1

Diana Devlin says:

By the Fireplace is my FAVORITE!!!

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