Top 15 Fragrance Clones by Al Rasasi for Men & Women

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Samy Zain says:

great video!! 🙂
can you do one for Al Haramain perfumes? we dont have rasasi here in bangladesh 🙁

Moni Khan says:

hi what the fragrance you have for women like the similer smell of alwisam day for men,I like very much the smell of alwisam day for man and i,m looking the same smell for women.

Wahid Khan says:

Excellent review. It will be very helpful…

Abu Samra says:

can get you hand on
رنة الخلخال

arthur phillips says:

could you check out I Love Love by Moschino? it’s supposed to be very close to D&G Light Blue for women.

Morbus Hodgekin says:

Was very helpful!!!! You seem to have a good nose 🙂

Jay Kay says:

great review bitjannini , i own la youqawam ,and la youqawam amebrgis shower , i love them and xtraordinair musky i was waiting for it in your list but u didnt get it , it suppose to smell like creed melisime imperial but i didnt find it even close to MI .

Darci Milord says:

Waha please list the names and links where to buy
Oh and would Love love love an Armaf womens review. There are no great women’s fragrance reviews doing clones or dupes!!

fredy garza says:

look armaf clones es much better

Travis Sunny says:

very useful video keep it up .i like ur arabic accent !!!

sorooshusa says:

didnt Tasmeem mean Decision, not resolution?

B ma says:

best part starts @11:00,i watched this video only to see your face while mentioning that particular fragrance…


This was a Rasasi Review Marathon ! So many fragrances, so little time. I think this is the most you’ve done in one review. Informative as always. Have the Jasmine Wisp & Blue Lady on my list for lady friends, thanks to you and Jim R overview. You clearly are a refreshing presence and powerhouse because of your honest, sincere thoughts. I have tried La Yuqawam and agree with you on the thoughts overall. I replay 9:13-9:15 because no one describes a scent in Arabic as you do. Always sparkly. Take care always.

B ma says:

like the way you pronounce Arabic names….

Firas Ghassan says:

Nice review Waha i love it since you pronounce the Arabic names in Syria accent from all this arabic designers company’s i only perfer Al-jazeera perfums which based her in Qatar all al-jazeera perfums is French based fragrance which is not related to only arabic tastes or clone from others i will try to get some samples and send it to you when I visit their store

Simply Put Scents says:

Great video…I enjoyed watching… love Daarej and many of the other scents you mention…Rasasi makes great alternative scents…

deeteepeafore says:

Would you happen to know about the performance for attar al mohabba for men?

Stuffs says:

Your reviews are very helpful.. Thank you! I blind bought nabeel AJYAL based on the notes and it turns out one of my favorite fragrances. Love at first sniff. Smoke, ashes, leather, oud and tobacco. I’m loving the middle eastern houses!

Abdullah Sherkoh says:

Honestly , You are so cute

Broken Led says:

انتي عسل

Arden Powers says:

Thanks for your insight as always !! 🙂

عطور بالعربي says:

انا عملت ليك ومتابعة السبب اني معجب بتقييمك للعطور وديمن بتفرج علي ڤديهاتك بس السبب الاساسي اني بعد الڤديو دة فرحت جدا انك بتتكلمي عربي كويس جدا وممكن تكوني من جزور عربية . اتمني لكي ديمن في تقدم وسعادة

T Bone says:

Hawas is #1 for my gf

AACC says:

Those were a lotta mini reviews all rolled into one. I haven’t gotten my nose on any Rasasi scents since they don’t have an actual shop in Sydney and I hardly order samples of clones online. I blind bought 2 full bottles of Armaf clones online a while back and I’m pretty satisfied with them so I might take a chance with a couple. I’m interested in trying out Arab Tradition and La Yuqawam since I love TL.
And Narciso Rodriguez for her is an amazing scent… they use musk as one of their main notes which is quite unique for women’s perfumes. The EDT and EDP are not identical, but I like both… definitely one of my favorite perfumes to smell on a woman besides Enchanted Forest, Ylang in Gold, Black Opium and Chanel Chance Eau Vive and Eau Tendre.

Griso Cabeza says:

Great video! I love your accent when say an arabic brand. Well done!

Guinea54 says:

I really enjoy these videos.. I hope you do more. I am very interested in these arabic houses.. So far all the ones I have tried were very good. La Yaqaqwam whatever its called smelled very similar to tuscan leather.. Tres nuit was VERY! close to GIT.. Body and soul was a nice clone of spice bomb.. club nuit intense smelled 95 percent like aventus on the dry down.. I been very impressed…I contacted armaf a couple of times but they never respond. I would love to get a list of what fragrances are supposed to smell like what.. very hard information to get, but this helps.. Thank you

JohnCarlo Burton says:

great video…thank you !!!

Jim R says:

I love Rasasi fragrances…can’t believe it, but I’ve accumulated 16 Rasasi fragrances over the years – most I really like/love, but a few duds such as La Yuqawam Amberis Showers IMO. Although I have several La Yuqawam scents (bought several bottles of Jasmine Wisp for my gal pals, daughters and mom) I have never tried Pour Femme since I already have Black Orchid and an excellent, very cheap (paid something like $13) for MPF Orchid Noir (it was originally called My Perfumes Orchid Noir when I purchased a bottle in 2014). Yep, everyone who has tried Orchid Noir says it is an excellent clone of Black Orchid…yet, the Fragrantica Trolls (folks who’ve never even tried the fragrance) vote it down simple because they are A-holes. LOL!

I’m not a big 1 Million fan so Attar Al Mohabba doesn’t interest me. Plus, I picked-up a bottle of Armaf Tag-Him Prestige back in 2014 and it is an ever better clone of 1 Million with some Invictus vibes – in a much better bottle too for something like $25.

As for Tasmeem…I picked-up a bottle after Jeremy Fragrance spoke highly about it and, well….let’s just say that I was disappointed and didn’t really like it. Then again, I haven’t cared for any of the Cartier fragrances I’ve sniffed (something I don’t like about their fragrance DNA) so your association may likely be very accurate.

I didn’t really like Tobacco Blaze when I first tried it (not a bad scent…just couldn’t figure it out) but it has grown on me the past 3-years to the point where I really love wearing this fragrance in the Fall and Winter months. You’re correct in that it is in no way similar to Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille–or Oud Wood for that matter–just a very unique scent that reminds me of ashes of cigars dipped in brandy and left smoldering. A brilliant fragrance IMO! It’s not something everyone will appreciate…and certainly not a fragrance I would wish to smell on the ladies.

Daarej for Men is a fragrance I did not like and do not like. I just didn’t care for that cumin note…not one bit. To me, Daarej for me started out bad, continued bad, and stayed bad. LOL! As Wisam Day is an excellent Silver Mountain Water clone. I don’t like it as much as the Creed, and it’s not one of my favorite scents, but it’s a great deal of SMW is your thing.

As far as La Yuqawam for Men…honestly, it’s a better and more wearable (sweeter) version of Tuscan Clone. I love, love, love this fragrance. Someone sent me a sample of Egra and, yes, it’s a very nice Green Irish Tweed clone. Of course, I have a bottle of Lattafa Raghba for Men, which I find to be the best GIT clone out there – and very inexpensive too.

Enjoyed your quick-take on the Rasasi clones…now you need cover Lattafa. 🙂

Padikkal says:

I know. rasasi never send any samples to anybody for review..she is lying

Kashif Maqsood says:

Tobacco Ablaze is one of the best from Rasasi IMO. Grows on you with time.

kwaaddo says:

You’re very honest

Zakarias Ricardo says:

Great video Waha ! I love all of these comparisons!
where do you come from ?
greetings from Vienna

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Thank you for your reviews

All fragrances are in stock and it’s available from our online store at Sama Perfumes

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