Top 5 Designer Oud Fragrances Under $100 Dollars | Favorite Oud Colognes By Designers Under $100

Top 5 Designer Oud Fragrances Under $100 Dollars | Favorite Oud Colognes By Designers Under $100
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Top 5 Designer Oud Fragrances Under $100 Dollars | Favorite Oud Colognes By Designers Under $100

This is my Top 5 Designer Oud Fragrances Under $100 Dollars video. My Favorite Oud Colognes By Designers Under $100 video. I figured it was time to put this video out there since I love Oud and do love many designer oud fragrances as well. I love all of these fragrances to an extent some more than the others but I love them all. And if you are just starting out with fragrances and have been hearing about oud fragrances but are only familiar with designer fragrances and want to stick to the designers then this list of 6 fragrances (I have an honorable mention) will be perfect for anyone just starting out with oud fragrances. You can also use this video if you have also just never explored the world of oud fragrances and perfumes. Some of these fragrances on this list you can get for really cheap so watch the video and shop around for deals on oud fragrances online. Or if you want to keep it really safe buy some samples and decants first then buy full bottles.

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Alex Poulin says:

Just looking at the thumbnail i decided to put on 7 sprays of Oud Noir to watch the review. I’m ready. And very potent.

ربيع الحب 79 says:

بعشق العطور

undisputed fraghead says:

Amazing list i love TF Oud Wood
But it is expensive so i might try m7 oud or gucci intense oud they sound really good ☺☺ thanks for this list ..

José Rodrigues says:

Welcome to Portugal!
Have some fish, get some sun and drink some wine.
Then you will be ready for the new year!
(If you replace “some” by “plenty” it will work even better!)

Elijah Boethius says:

Oud Mosaic by Banana Republic is really good

Nawal Kinani says:

Choparred oud malaki everywhere here in saudi and they charge any where from 400 s.r to 500

BlackDog 8Limbs says:

Does Chopard Oud Malaki have similarities to Polo supreme oud, Versace Oud Noir and Oud Oud?

ShowNoMercy says:

Thank u Sir for the list!!!! I love oud so much, and I absolutely agree with what u said about Gucci Intense oud. I didn’t like the opening but when it settles down, the smell is just amazing.

Isaac R says:

Intense Oud is a beautiful scent

Manu Haber says:

Rasasi Faqat Lil Rijal is an amazing oud.

kulata says:

Finally found a reviewer with similar taste in fragrances. Your reviews have been more consistent with my scent gravitations

Bernie777 says:

Just getting in to Oud. I am awaiting for my first niche bottle to arrive (I’ll let you know what it is) . I’m finally jumping on the train. These sound like a great gateway Oud list. Thank you, sir.

Scott Wilbur says:

Great list. Boss Bottled Oud is pretty interesting too. I’ve been exploring a number of middle eastern houses for oud since it sorta stems from there and really like Arabian Oud’s Woody Style, and from Rasasi Faqat Lil Rijal and Dhanal Oudh Nashwah. Both the Rasasi’s are available at Notino.

Mas Tun says:

I guess this isn’t really a designer house, but it’s dirt cheap, Bogart’s Oud Edition. It’s really nice, albeit kind of harsh and synthetic. Has a pretty prominent citrus note, with oud, leather, patchouli, and some spices. I find myself wearing it pretty often

John Wen says:

Enjoy this content , pls make memo house list review with ur high taste, Tks S

Joey Swaney says:

Hi. I have a question about the Versace Oud Noir. How close is it to Tom Ford’s Oud Wood? Thanks for your response in advance.

M Y says:

Hey Sebastian … i’m travelling to Beirut on Jan ..
Pleade, do u know how to ship fragrance bottles from Lebanon to USA ? .. I actually called DHL of Beirut & they said they won’t ship fragrances abroad “because they’re flammable”!!! … so .. any ideas ?!
I have Antidote V&R, Armani attitude extreme & i need to sell them !!!


edward gurango says:

Great list as usual! I think I’ll check out the RL and Versace ones at Macy’s.

Mateusz Olech says:

Great list !

Arden Powers says:

Nice list Sebastian !
My favorite on your list is Gucci Intense Oud . . . I was very surprised that Gucci came out with such a stunner !
Happy New Year ! 🙂

cravis123 says:

Another great designer at this category is Armani Eau de Nuit Oud! Great!

Silvia L says:

Have you tried any oud scents by Jo Malone?

deJavaScents says:

Versace Oud Noir has similarity with Tom Ford Oud Wood

Matt topcat says:

The latest habit rouge edp has a bit of oud in the dry down

pandora p says:

Been searching high and Low for that Gucci and also for Boss Bottled Oud to test them. Will add the Polo and M7 to the list now. Thanks, Seb.

Sully Mems says:

Banana Republic – Oud Mosaic

Mohammed Alzahrani says:

Hi Sebastian. I am pulling the trigger on Creed Royal Mayfair but not sure if the new 100 ml size has been reformulated to, perhaps, sth that smells more like Windsor. I found both 120 ml and 100 ml on eBay and to my eye the color of juice is different! Can you tell me your thought before I buy either one. I trust your nose the most 🙂

Neil L says:

My faaaaave is Perry Ellis Oud Black Vanilla Absolute. But in honesty vanilla is the star, with oud in a supporting role.

Sunny Ra Deen says:

Tremendous list Sebastian for the working man!!! Versace Oud Noir is one My favs for designer Ouds. Gucci intense Oud is NICHE quality, this one is a steal. I love the smoky incense & oud combination. M7 Oud Absolu is one i would love to try. It has a cult following on the boards. Tom Ford made that one right?

Gregory Burris says:

Great list.. thanks! Is fragrancenet. com legit?? Greg

sunshine dawn says:

This is very informative and thank u for posting this video. Can you do a video about suitable oud perfumes for women, also from the designer category please?

yahya helal says:

Isn’t better than guerlain santal royal

elGonzk says:

Have you tried Ferrari Essence Oud? It’s really nice and comparing it with the only I know from your list, M7 Absolu (which btw it reminded me of Prada APHI) it’s right there up to it’s quality

Guinea54 says:

Great video,, enjoyed it.. I agree with your no.1 pick.. I think that is my favorite designer oud as well thus far.. I wasn’t too crazy about the boss bottle oud.. the apple and aoud rubbed me the wrong way for some reason..

Ginny Giniver says:

Lovely video Sebastian. I love bargains. Under hundred dollars sounds great for designer oud.

Claus Sorensen says:

Just subscribed to yours channel not too long ago, really enjoy your presentation. I just recently purchased oud 24, just wondering if you’ve ever tried it. I think its worth an honorable mention.

M M says:

I have a decant of Gucci oud and I like it. I have difficulty liking oud but I think this list seems fine for me to try others.

Lefty Righty says:

Great cheap ouds i need some. Thank you for this video.

zeeshan ahmad says:

Polo oud is very good but yeah short lived


Great List.
Montale/Oud <100$

Alex campioni says:

Always a pleasure to watch your videos my friend ! And a really good cheap is boss bottle oud

Bruce Monterosso says:

Hi Sebastián….. Amateur, yet devoted, Oud fan and collector – Arab and otherwise. I can vouch for the M7 and the Chopard Malaki, ,both of which are in my growing collection. Thanks for some great suggestions and as well all of your entertaining videos!!

TheMrbadstuff says:

What is your opinion on the Hugo Boss Damask Oud, especially compared to the Gucci Intense?

Love Incorporated says:

Creed Royal Oud and TF Oud Wood are my favorite Oud fragrances, both niche. Boss Bottled Oud is another good one.

Firas Ayadi says:

oud touch frank olivier

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