Top 7 Vanilla Fragrances Ever

Best Perfumes for Women and Men Vanilla Based
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Grant Noroyan says:

love your videos what are best designer vanilla fragrances this seems more niche???? thank you

John Wainaina says:

Do great job man! Only suggestion is caption after mentioning each fragrance coz can’t hear clearly what’s said on some of them Thx

MC_ Sea says:

I’ve been looking for a more soft fragrance recently so this will help me find the best vanilla fragrances for me.

willy vlyminck says:

I am more interested in pure vanille, not only as a base note

J .S says:

fantastic honesty, a lot of people would’ve put 10

Perfume Gourmand with 4 says:

Why so many trips?

lapeleozaposqlos says:

Chile present!!!

Sophia Shakti says:

Just carry caramel apple pie in the pocket.

Jaadu says:

where’s 212 sexy Carolina Herrera ;_;

Hajdu Nelli says:

When I dont have energy to read or watch a long movie, i watch frag videos, aaand of course you ! So relaxing and switch my brain off.

Luis Rodriguez Contreras says:

No entiendo niuna wea de inglés

Michal Rogalski says:

Valentino uomo intense, dior parfum, Tom ford. This is vanila fragrances for me.

Mysexyback Smith says:

U r awesome Jeremy

大西ミシェル says:

Was wondering if Vanilla West is close to Bath and Body Works’ warm vanilla sugar. I love that scent but I want a more boujee+long lasting version of it. Lol.

Sal Bil says:

It would be more insightful to mention the names in the bio.

Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid Beats says:


Jennifer Jordan says:

Best vanilla fragrance that men love on women?

Mr818Joker says:

Interesting video, I’ll add some of these to my want list

Mel. says:

Coty Vanilla Musk. Better than most expensive brands

joys noelia brito poveda says:


Some Dude says:

Appreciate your insights. Hang in there buddy!!

Arianna Castillo says:

I want to find a signature scent with hints of coconut or vanilla but can’t seem to find the right one.

Chryslers1 says:

Jeremy, I got this gorgeous set of Lancome perfumes & Jean Paul Gaultier. Absolutely stunning & delicious. Bc of your videos, I just had to buy perfumes for me. My partner doesn’t wear any sprays just deodorant. Can you recommend something that’s subtle, not strong. He gets headaches if they’re too strong. I know, what a pain but thank you in advance.

Ibtissem Gabed says:

Tom ford<3 tobaco vanille

Вадим Лихачев says:

Наконец-то он сказал Russia , thank you bro!✌

Dan Seguine says:

My fav is Mancera oud vanille. 2-3 sprays all day vanilla

Todd S. says:

Versace The Dreamer

nicholas cicchillitti says:

Sud pacique ouest vanille extreme and carnival wax clown cake

fragRANTs says:

Mercedes Benz Club Black, get on it boys

Oldtimerfan Peter says:

Why is not Eros Versace in the list? It has a very strong vanilla note. In my opinion it is the best vanilla fragrance because of longevity, sillage and the amount of compliments.

brendan harrell says:

if you like vanilla that much try spraying some vanilla extract.

FizzyPie says:

What about CH 212 SEXY MAN?

Amin Echo says:

Where is Mancera Roses Vanille or Aoud Vanille?

Sofia Arab says:

I like your videos . From algeria <3

Nietzsches Muse says:

Can you please do your favorite tabacco fragrances please? Jeremy you look well groomed n professional.

john exelmans says:

No Mancera velvet vanilla? Are you joking me?

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