Tour of Arabian Oud Boutique Times Square NYC First Location In The USA

Arabian Oud 1584 Broadway NYC
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Smooth Sounds Of Jazz says:

why is he looking into the camera so much. you would think he would be more interacting with Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

Ümüt Polat says:

Very nice video Carlos!! 😀

abdul osumanu says:

The intro music always remind me of Herman Cain lol

Pietja D says:

Oudh is still new fragrance in western world. For me it’s hard to use to it ( as in part of wester culture) It’s beatifull and it’s ugly at the same time. ” Medicinal” ” carpet’y” – old furniture fragrance. Not wearable for me. I can imagine – old antique shop smelling with Oudh, or some kinda temple, or mosque, or church, or museum, mausoleum with vintage furniture,old Persian expensive carpets from colonial time, but person – No no no.. ( unless you are part of Arabic middle eastern culture). For me Oudh Is smell of ancient expensive wood. Masterpiece of oud unbeatable is Montale. Black Oudh, Oudh – lime, Oudh cuir Arabie – most wearable Oudhs.Specialy adore ” Oudh cuir Arabie ” – fragrance of real men – macho with strong personality: John Wayne, Lawrence of Arabia, or Josef Stalin fragrance: leather, pipe tobacco, Oudh and something like horse smell as well is there…

landshark321 says:

Great to rewatch this, I’ll need to try and stop by the next time I’m in town! That Kalemat has quite a reputation.

JohnCarlo Burton says:

THANK YOU ..for sharing this Carlos. You are the best !!!!

Shyam Doshi says:

great video carlos. i visited a similar boutique and the oud is so different to designer ouds

vmendonc says:

Gotta love NYC… wow!!!
I need to visit this place!

thanks for sharing Carlitos!

Jack Jenkins says:

Cheers, Carlos. I’m not sure if I understood correctly when he said 3 weeks. Does he mean that he is personally working there for 3 weeks, or that it is a sort of “pop-up shop” of the type that we are increasingly seeing in London? The shop seems too well done out to be pop-up. I’d love to go there when I visit NYC, so I’m hoping that it’s a permanent feature!

RealHwdDet says:

Thank you very much. Extremely interesting video.

Lycosa says:

THAT is cool… nice place!!!!

TheGrafton12 says:

The only thing I could possibly afford in that store would be the air I’d breathe there…


how can I get online?

levan beriashvili says:

Great atmosphere in this video. Right now I live in Istanbul, and Arabian Oud boutique is right over the corner, one hundred metres from my place )) I have no courage to enter there, cause I have no clue about their prices. I supposue, will be too expensive

Vibez 123 says:

I love this video very much. Thank you

Arabian Oud says:

Hi Carlos Followers. For the first time Arabian Oud are doing Black Friday in NYC. Great deal will be from 9am to 12pm is going to be limited. Have fun early birds. And happy thanks giving 😉

Arabian Oud says:

Thank you for coming Carlos it was Such pleasure meeting you. and For that We offering 10% discount until the end of the month when you come with the code: CARLOS for Carlos lovers 😉

abd boji says:

I remember that when all perfumes coming from France, Swiss, Britain…. etc now it is Arabs time to export products to these country . the western industry is falling down gradually because they left working to others .

Armin K says:

Isn’t the Oud trade banned in Cambodia?

Asim Taha says:

I have some of their fragrances for sale

Faisal Alabdulhadi says:

As an Arabian who wears oudh daily, I do not understand how this branch of Arabian Oud would survive in NYC. Especially that the majority only wear sweat pungent perfumes that all smell generic. Oud needs patience and an open mind. It also needs cold, dry weather. I hope that more and more people would explore this section of perfumery and simply, give it a chance!

medang gaharu says:

please check for pure oud oil..
have a nice day..

August Lamczyk says:

Wonderful video! How did you ever leave? Also did the oil last all day?

Scentury Tales says:

So freaking cool!!

Mansoor Wahab says:

Cambodian Oud usually smells fecal and is very strong. I’m surprised you liked it.

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Awesome video of Awesome perfume house & Thanks for sharing. Arabian Oud is one of my favorite perfume house & I have a few fragrances from Arabian Oud.

Agarwood For Life says:

Thanks for sharing.
Wish I could be there.

Jim R says:

Nice! I love Arabian Oud fragrances and this is just another reason for me to visit New York. Two days? Not that’s performance I’m talking about. 🙂 Oh, now that AO has opened a store in NYC, will they be selling their fragrances online any time soon? I have four (4) Arabian Oud fragrances and I am interested in at least a dozen others.

The Scentient Man says:

Cool vid. The store looks great. Much nicer than the ones we have in London. Coincidently I’m going to the store tomorrow.

Jay Compton says:

While visiting NYC to vist St John’s University,” Queens” campus from Louisiana,i remembered seeing this video. I love to shopping for fragrances.After searching for this video and realizing it was the same store, I popped in. After speaking with a young man inside and showing this video he automatically mentioned Carlos.If I’m not mistaken the same guy shooting the video. So shout-out to him. Sorry for not remembering his name. I bought two bottles that are amazing and they shipped it to me in a timely fashion to Louisiana .Very friendly and i advise everyone to stop in when visiting NYC. Amazing fragrances there.Salute!!!!Thanks Carlos…

Diego Feliper says:

Very nice place.

Ralf P says:

Just one word… WOW ! Greetings from Poland 🙂

Jhon Macas says:

Carlos I’m a new subscriber to your channel great videos, what a great place to get a new fragrance, the gentleman very knowledgeable and helpful, looking forward to this place. Keep up the great job Carlos.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Great video Carlos! Very nice to see. 🙂 I’ll have to stop in there one day.

Jaba Mutidze says:

By work Nature I’ve got in Saudi Arabia.
So wanna drop couple words about Arabian Oud.
i absolutely Love it. Smells are such a unique and long Lasting , Other perfumes can’t even compare with Arabian Oud.
and the bottles, design, Packages are outstanding.
absolutely Love them.

Roberto Leonard says:

please you need smell imperial oud and Roi Sans Equipage By henry jacques and SAHRAA OUD by fragrance du bois, LONDON OUD by fragrance du bois.

GuillaumeZahir says:

I love Arabian Oud

Niraj Patel says:

Thanks for this video. Which ones you tested you liked the best?

Cologniano D says:

I saw this under construction in July during my visit. I certainly will visit during my next trip.
Excellent as usual Carlos! Thank you for sharing!

Stanleydragonjr says:

so awesome,can’t wait to try these
thank you for posting this

Aidelina Garcia Sollatina says:

Thank you for this video I had seen it a couple of weeks ago since I just started following you. I was visiting NY yesterday I was in time square and notice the store I had told them I had seen a video you posted. My hubby turn back after being in the store and one of the guys in their sprayed a amazing fragrance seen how I fell in love and he bought it for me. They had the incense going on omg they are wonderful and they do sell their fragrances on Amazon he told me .Carlos is on point with his fragrances and the places to get them.

Rorshach1004 says:

I have a small decant of Woody Intense and it’s one of the nicest oud scents that I’ve ever experienced, rose, spicy and oud, very yummy, perfect for the colder months.

Iceburg0032 says:

I have a 30ml bottle of kalamat black coming yo me and I cant wait to get my nose on it

edward mooney says:

Hello Carlos, I just bought A 250ml bottle of Sehr Al Kalemat (Kalemat Black). I am such a fan and didn’t know they have a store in NY! Def going to visit! Thanks for bringing this to us.

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