Zara Accord No 3 Woody Fragrance / Perfume Review


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Bloated Tony Danza says:

This scent is not for the guy that wants the lady’s.
This is just to smell good and different. It smells like a forest of Cypresses​.
Some might say, it smells like Christmas.
I tried to bought it for my self and couldn’t because it’s no near masculine or ” yummy”. Then I thought on buying it for my girlfriend, but It’s not even sexy for a gal…
so in other words it’s as good as a Glade Christmas refresher.

Bloated Tony Danza says:

Have anyone tried Exclusive oud? what do you think about it?

Darin Glisson says:

I haven’t had the chance to try any Zara fragrances, but I’m extremely interested. I don’t like getting caught up in the hype of things but these have my interest. Hopefully the performance isn’t as horrible as Jimmy Choo Man.

luciferro2002 says:

Zara just launched a Tea collection, and is awesome. I got Yuzu Tea and Teawood, both are fantastic. 100% unisex and delightful, with surprisingly performances. 13 Euros each here in Italy!

Can’t wait to check that one out, great review, informative and entertaining. Thanks guys!

K Cheung says:

there is a woman’s fragrance called Lily Pad, which smells gourmandish and delicious. there is another one called Ultra Juicy, which is also very nice. again, very delicious and summery. they were released last year so unfortunately got replaced by their newer fragrances. they keep selling new fragrances on a seasonal basis, and each season they have over 2 lines with at least 4 fragrances for each gender. it’s not easy to catch up. crazy! if you like a particular fragrance you have to buy quick or it will be gone next time you visit the shop. i see no more the line with Vibrant Leather and the line with Rich Warm Addictive a couple of weeks ago. they may come back with new packaging but who knows.

Michael Chahin says:

Thanks for the review I will check it out for sure. My Favorite Zara Fragrance is { Zara Exclusive Oud Eau De Parfum For Men }
Check it out if you like woody deep fragrance.

The Broadwalk says:

OH MY GOD!! I am so happy you reviewed this!! Literally no one is talking about this gem. I absolutely LOVE this scent so much, I even bought a back up bottle because you knw how zara discontinues all their scents. There is no info on this on fragrantica so I’m so glad someone picked up on this gem. So fresh but with lots of depth, great for summer. And it projects and lasts a decent amount on my skin. Great video, you guys!

Notes Punch says:

Great video you guys , gotta check this one out next time I go to Zara , I just bought one last week that I thought it was really nice as well and strong Zara night pour homme 2 , kinda smell like leyton somehow to me but its probably a clone for another fragrance I don’t know

Matt topcat says:

We have a chain of high street stores in Britain called next and they do a fragrance called tropic..its an exact copy and I can’t tell the difference between aqua di gio profumo

limchoonteck1 says:

Nice! Just bought this with rich leather! Maybe should have gotten impact musculin too?!

Serg S says:

Making a trip to the mall and smell this bad boy! My favorite so far is Rich Warm Addictive

MisterBassBoost says:

Excellent video. Keep it up!

Ryan Yoder says:

Really digging the duo reviews !!! Keep up the great work guys

Alberto Gonzalez says:

The dynamic duo strikes again. Good collaboration with Carlos. Man, I guess the Zara train is getting all the hype lately. I really need to get my nose on a lot of these bottles. Zara is pumping out new bottles very consistently. The price is clearly a steal. Stock up quickly before the price skyrockets.

Anthony Lane says:

Great review guys. I know E reviewed a Zara for him gold and thought it was similar to ultra male. What do you think? Perhaps another Zara review idea?

Gianluca Mazzimini says:

Hi guys, great review! I’ve got this one and in my opinion, it is very similar, let’s say the same vibe, to Gucci Pour Homme II and Jacomo Aura. Anyway, if you found this on a men shelf cologne and tested it, you would never think it is a feminine scent!!!

Wejaduke says:

do zara impact masculin plsss

Dodi Doda says:

if i wanna buy perfume as a present what do you think is better dolce&gabbana the one or one million paco rabanne ?!

aFragranceReviewer says:

Man how come I haven’t tried this?! Also, check out my new review of Yuzu Tea by Zara, it’s a lovely tea fragrance 🙂

Soliquinakedus_Snake says:

Nice review! I’ve picked up a few Zara’s lately, these are the one’s I liked the most: 9.0, Orange Zest, Man Gold, Tone Indeterminee, Vibrant Leather, Aromatic Future, Exclusive Oud, Ambre Noble and til 3am. I have Rich. Warm. Addictive coming in the mail, so hopefully that one will be everything I expect it to be.

Zdravko Baev says:

Hi Redolessence, Carlos – beautiful review as always 🙂 I’ll check Zara Accord No 3 Woody next time at my local Zara’s shop – thank you for that suggestion.
I tested on a strip this one – ZARA ACCORD N# 2 ORIENTAL and it’s very sweet and nice, heavy gourmand scent. But if you love tea notes, clean, bright and transparent scents, you have to check it out their TEA LINE, that consist of 3 GORGEOUS scent – YUNNAN TEA / YUZU TEA / TEAWOOD – all these 3 are very well blended and I’m sure you’ll appreciate them, especially, when you see the price-quality ratio. I highly recommend you to try that TEA LINE and I’m sure Carlos will love it too 🙂
Wish you all the best and keep doing these wonderful back-to-back reviews with Carlos 🙂

Shave- a-thon says:

You need a scorecard with how many fragrances Zara is releasing. There’s a new Night Pour Homme line (3 versions) that are getting low scores on Fragrantica because of strength. Some are comparng Zara Night Pour Homme II to Eros without the mint and III to La Nuit de l`Homme. Then there’s the W/E line and the new San Francisco 250 Post. St. which a friend picked up at a Zaras’s in Spain and is gettting very good reviews. I still wonder if the reason for Puig pulling so many Le Male flankers is because they’re expecting Zara to really take off. It would just be nice to see them upgrade their USA site and sell online.

Depeche Obsessed says:

Gentlemen, it’s great to see you guys reviewing these more affordable fragrances. The niche market is out of control IMHO. So, many great fragrances being put out by Zara. I recently picked up a 1oz bottle of sea salt and fig edp. by old Navy. 12$ and very impressive. ridiculous value.

Suvirnath S says:

Great video… this one sounds great…
I like what Zara is doing lately but, what to me about the whole brand is off putting is that they release so many fragrances that they come across desperate and redundant… They dont give time for any fragrance to catch up with the limelight…. Also if some of the frags performed even a little better than how they do currently they could seriously gain some steam.

Rob Whiff says:

sounds nice ,my favorite female fragrance of all time is balenciaga Paris ☺ so this may be right up my sleeves..happy holidays

Christopher Alden says:

Does Zara have an ISO E Super?

yunielever says:

Hi Steve… please try Zara Orange Zest. It’s one of their Midsummer Collection. Some people say it’s Zara’s take on DH Cologne.

a kazzuo says:

nice to know. Im a fan of Sara’s perfume.

Keith Montgomery says:

I contacted Zara and let them know that I thought they should start selling their fragrances online. Their response was that it was something they were looking at doing, but the decision had not been made yet. I have a bunch of Zara stores in my city, so I can get most of their fragrances, but at least in my area, they don’t carry them all. It would be great to be able to order the ones I can’t get at the stores.

Hasib says:

Nice one Bros!!! What would you both say are your Top 3 or Top 5 from this line so far?


MaverickIQ says:

Yep, Zara is really busy with creating clones, Orange Zest smells like YSL L’Homme to me due to the ginger and Deep Fougere gives me a Boss Bottled vibe due to the Apple and Cardamom. Both unfortunately don’t last and project for long.

Garry Carloni says:

Great job guys! I wasnt blown away when RWA came out. But this house is gaining huge momentum and really cornering the market on well made clones. They even have major perfumers working ontheir fragrances which are listed on some of the packages now. ZARA IS REALLY DOING THEIR HOMEWORK! I applaud them

StubbornDroid says:

Great Review Guys!!

Klaus Ritter says:

Hi Steven, don’t you think it smells like CH Men?

Eric Dunthorne says:

I’ll be visiting family in California a week from now and Zara will be one of the first places I go.

su peace says:

10 Cheap Fragrances that Smell Like Expensive Fragrances! for women please

sorooshusa says:

I much rather go with Armaf fragrances. I think for the price, Armaf and some of those Arabic fragrances from Dubai and Emirates, are better performers. Zara is also doing exactly what Armaf is doing. They are both considered clone houses.

Abdul Thomas says:

Steven can you review Zara Citrus Zest please? I get a very similar resemblance to Dior Homme Cologne and it would be nice if a fragrance guru such as yourself would provide your two cents regarding it

roien hashemi says:

Warm rich and addictive
Vibrant leather
Caipirissima 03

Candy Cake says:

Zara fragrances are fantastic for the price but personally, still smell cheap to me.

Ignacio Salazar says:

Thanks guys! Awesome video!!!

Keith Bertrand says:

good info guys. thanks for the insight!

Fragrance News 4U says:

Great job Steven and Carlos you guy r hilarious. Lots of love

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