Zara Rich / Warm / Addictive Tobacco Collection Fragrance / Cologne Review

Here is a fragrance / cologne review of Zara Rich / Warm / Addictive Tobacco Collection! Thank you for watching!

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Abdul Sufi says:

Which fragrance from Zara smells like Valentino Uomo?

Saab Replay says:

I appreciate your great explanation. Thanks for all your hard work. ANDY

Bryan Reyes says:

i hope you could review the rich dark exclusive.

Shave- a-thon says:

You’re late to the party on this one! We’re already on to the $30 *Rich Leather and Vibrant Leather* (both being described as Aventus clones). By the way, there is a perfumer listed for their Vibrant Leather edt. The Valentino Uomo Zara version you smelled must have been *Zara 9.0*

How about organizing an emall and phone campaign to get them to start selling fragrances online in the USA – or at least list them on their website rather than have us go to the UK site to read about their 57 varieties of male fragrances?!

While I bought and like R/W/A, I enjoyed the *Intense Dark Exclusive* from the Tobacco collection more (perhaps you can speak to Zara about using conjunctions more often). I also didn’t get much tobacco from it but rather a great smelling oud version of One Million. As I stated in the comments area of your previous video with the Bklyn Fragrance Lover, from R/W/A I get the base notes of A*Men and Cuba Prestige (basically the A*Men base notes). I’ve said this once before, but anyone who loves R/W/A will be blown away by *Rihanna’s Rebelle Perfume for women* which is a coffee/chocolate powerhouse and quite unisex. One spritz of that during the dry down of R/W/A will create a 24 hour scent.

I got about 2 and a half hours of projection from R/W/A and 8-10 hours as a skin scent when spraying the inner crook of my elbow. It also helps to spray it on a cotton shirt.

trijigon says:

Where do I buy this

Tomic Apacible says:

What’s your favorite Zara fragrance now?

TheBiz143 says:

Coffee anyone? MANCERA’s aoud cafe

John Perez says:

I recently went to Zara and smelled this and Vibrant Leather. Honestly, this smells like sun tan lotion.

I prefer Vibrant Leather, due to the similarity to Aventus. I did not buy it however, because I have Aventus, Mancera Cedrat Boise and Armaf Club De Nuit Intense.

Lycosa says:

Cool… Yes Not good performing. Zara. Also sounds like it’s similar to Amen Pure Tonka. I’m going to buy pure tonka soon hopefully… I really want it. Gourmandy goodyness

Kologne says:

Interesting take. Enjoyed the review.

Gents Scents says:

I can finally watch this since I did my take on it (try to avoid other reviews of something I’m going to do a review on so as not to sway things one way or another) and I really enjoy your take. I have a few more from Zara on their way to me so maybe one of those will jump out at me.

Padelig says:

You should try “exclusive oud” from Zara

Tru Dat says:

I’m surprised you didn’t get the coconut note. The coconut is what really stands out for me. I really enjoy this fragrance because I love gourmand and coconut fragrances. Thanks for your review. Peace

Alberto Gonzalez says:

Zara it is then. I need to get my nose in on those fragrances if they’re a steal. Great video again. I’m really looking forward to the top 10 niche and designer spring fragrances for 2017 review with Mr. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover. Please and thank you!

Abrakadabra Hokus Pokus says:

Can you review Zara Vibrant Leather, Zara Rich Leather and Zara Aromatic Fouture?

Arnav Saini says:

Hey Steve, can you try the new night pour homme edp series ??

Jake barlow says:

Won a 5mlof this. This is a great Fragrance. THE HYPE IS REAL!!! Now if Zara would build a store close to me or sell this online in the U.S.

iooi says:

I found out Zara don’t hold their fragrance stock for long. As soon as they are release they are discontinue to make way for newer releases.

tom tu says:

Zara For him cedarwood and Zara 7.0 also Zara Black Tag with these 3 Zara colognes I’ve got a lot of compliments

Martijn M says:

While I agree that it isn’t exactly a tobacco fragrance, its longevity is brilliant. Minimally 10 hours on my skin. Rich Leather is an improved version of Vibrant Leather, and even closer to Aventus than Vibrant Leather already is. Exclusive Oud indeed smells like exclusive oud. Ganache Tonka is a grown-up version of Armani Code Profumo. Intense Dark Exclusive may smell a little more generic, but sexy as hell. A compliment monster for sure.

Rohan Kapoor says:

Steven – Great vid again. Was waiting for this review . Thanks

Flavian says:

coffee and toffee to me… got a bottle at zara today. love it

john doe says:

Anywhere that sells clothes is higher end than H&M.

Richard Tompkins says:

I pick up on the tobacco. The note literally smells like a cured brown tobacco leaf. It’s definitely in there. Great frag.

Kashif Maqsood says:

great video. I think it should be renamed as Coconut Collection. I smell a lot of coconut.

Tautvydas Mazeika says:

Do zara have some fragrance that smells abit like D&G the one?

Amir Pi says:

Great review as always mate,Thx a lot

Joy Amin says:

the bottle reminds me of hugo boss bottled line…very well bottle will arrive on april the 4th, cant wait to get my hands on this.hope the price stays decent 🙂 nice take brother

midgetghost says:

As a huge tobacco note fan I was a bit disapointed by both, I cannot find this note at all :/

snit snat says:

found this RWA at zara for $17.96 yeah!

Fillion .Ryan says:

Those xerjoffs tho!! :0

Brad Corner says:

Too many words….

Abdul Thomas says:

They partially copied Parfums de Marly Herod with the scent and totally copied Hugo Boss Botted with the actual bottle design. Still a great value for the price you’re paying!

hidden gentleman says:

zara ganache tonka is such an amazing fragrance u should try it.

Sean r says:

Hi. I was just thinking if you could do a top ten or top 5 xerjoff fragrance review?

Des420 says:

Did you do your own intro or is it the same person who did the intro for the drunk reviewer guy?

Borgie Dean Santos says:

I’ve tested out many Zara fragrances and I have to say that Vibrant Leather smells somewhat like aventus. now on the other hand, Aromatic Future smells really close like Dior Sauvage! you must check it out Steven. And lastly I think Zara 9.0 smells like Dior Homme.

Frank Lee says:

I looooove this fragrance. I don’t know what it is, but there is something nostalgic and melancholic about this fragrance.

Raphael Angelo Mella says:

All aboard the hype train! Time to add to the collection! Probably my first non-designer non-niche frag

James Weil says:

Why does this company not put it on their website.. kind of dumb

Mike Lykan says:

Zara’s Rich Warm Addictive my first impressions was oh no i’ve bought D&Gs the one (i don’t like it) but once it settle’s it actually become’s very nice, grow’s on you it’s the coconut.
Future Aromatics not bad either clean smellling use that for work.
W/End:3am is on the way.

M Shlock says:

Steven, this is the first time I recall having to ask… What the HELL were you smelling!? That review seemed so far off. I’ll skip the common comparison to Herod if you retract yours to Montale Transgender Cafe Rose. Zara Rich/Warm/Addictive is a simpler nice tobacco-oriented fragrance than the one I will compare it to: it is a gourmandish similarly honey-sweet-opening albeit less boozy Sweet Tobacco Spirits with coconut instead of berries. A beautiful, balanced, scent. And anything it may lack in projection and/or sillage to some is made up for in longevity though sometimes I wonder if this EDT isn’t acting as much like a quality EDC while at others more like a light EDP.

Along with Velvet Teddy and that Sweet Tobacco Spirits this is the third jewel in the crown of 2016’s tobacco hidden gems.

Blind buy worthy at $20 if you have a Zara store near you and even at twice that in my opinion if, in you’re experience, the note breakdown appeals to you. So good!

Uche N says:

Smells similar to Hanae Mori butterfly to my nose. Very “feminine” fragrance, but I do enjoy it. Fragrances should have no gender!

Chris L says:

rich warm addictive is one of the easier to remember name for their fragrances. Zara has some of the weirdest names such as w/en till 12am. 3am, N18 35 35 34534634, seoul, blue spirit, 1975, Z. Fucking all over the place

The_Next_Ali Champion says:

smells like a sweet tobacco to me a flavored cigar undertone sort of vibe

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