ZARA Tone – Indéterminée Unboxing and First Impressions!

Did ZARA score again with another quality fragrance at a great price? Full review coming soon


john mika says:

Keep up the great reviews

Joshua Boyle says:

Yes – I have same sprayer OCD.

Raymond Solis Jr. says:

Awesome video man

Fahim 97 says:

Hello, can you please give me your batch code for your bottle, because when i got my rich warm addictive earlier this week it was reformulated.

The Scentinel says:

i was really impressed with this one when i sprayed it in store. i kept sniffing my hand for the rest of the day. thank you.

Łukasz S says:

What’s up with these ZARA reviews, massive sponsorship?

simpa256 says:

Zara where I’m at was selling Aromatic Future for regular price and other two in from the line for half the price. So 5 euros for a 100 ml. You bet they sold out!! 5 euros for a frag like this? Cmon, even the cheapest of the cheapest Denim or Axe aftershave or something doesn’t smell as nearly as good as this.

Rob Whiff says:

tham I still have to get my self into zara , funny the store is only 20 minutes away from, your descriptions sounds really intriguing nice first impression…

Tal says:

none of the trio was good enough to buy. nice enough, but nothing special.

M Shlock says:

Thanks for the heads-up from your hotel room man! Hey, by the way… I have to have the nozzle point perpendicular to a flat side or the front or back depending on bottle shape — have to be able to aim the juice after all. Fan of 7.0. Love Exclusive Oud but may be a little headachey for me, and enjoying Gourmand Leather which one needs to stick with for the day. Vibrant Leather is a no-brainer of course. ; )

Ben Daniel says:

Great review on this Zara fragrance! Never heard of it…hopefully I can try to get it. Zara fragrances – amazing quality at affordable prices.

luis chavez says:


The Fragrance Decant Boutique says:

Another great video, as usual!

john mika says:

Try Zara 8.0 awesome!

Jay Dee says:

have had this a while, so cheap and so underrated in frag community

Your Two Scents says:

Hey, that’s not OCD it’s military alignment! How could the entire USMC be OCD?!?! Ok maybe they were but I blame them for my need to do this 🙂 Great review listening to La Boehme at present and just realized my brother’s dog is named Puccini i.e. Pooch Chini. I need to check out this scent and thanks for the heads up on Parfumo Community!

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